2010 Funding Period is now open

2010 offer many new and exciting opportunities. Nothing stays the same. Consider how the web has developed over the last 20 years, what about the computers we use and the software we started with? Change is inevitable and if you are like me, I love change. It offers excitement and new opportunities.

The first opportunity I want to share with you is the latest announcement for e-learning innovations funding. Visit http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/NSW for more information and to download your copy of the funding guidelines.

The NSW team will conduct a series of information sessions across NSW. You can find details by visiting http://nswinnovations.wikispaces.com/2010_NSW_Information_Sessions. This year I am trialling online registrations.

To get ideas for project funding why not visit the 2009 and 2008 team profile pages. Start at http://nswinnovations.wikispaces.com/2009+Innovations+Projects

If you are wondering what new technologies might be out there, then visit slideshare and watch this slide presentation, it will trigger your memory and highlight some new comers to the web.

SlideShare Presentation: Web 3.0 – What you may not know about the new web http://slidesha.re/5gdmLw.

Well enjoy your day and remember contributions to this blog are welcome. It is a great tool to get information on e-learnng out there.


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