Some important topics to consider when developing an e-learning strategy

Continuing on from my last two posts we will start to draw on some important criteria you must consider when you are developing your e-learning strategy to support your funding application.

We will start with the technical ability of your organisation to provide the required e-learning strategies.

Is your organisation ready to implement e-learning?

The answer to this question is critical to the success of your application of more importantly the success of your project.

What technical ability does your organisation have. Do you have the right mix of skills in your organisation to assist you to move forward and successfully implement e-learning? If you don’t have the right mix of skills how can you get it and do you have the money to pay someone who has these skills?

Do you have the skills in house or will you need to outsource? We touched on this in the earlier question. You also need to consider if you will develop your own content, create your own interactive activities, audio files, video (you may not need expertise in all of these areas it will depend largely on what is you are planning to do) etc. Will you purchase existing content and upload it into your own learning management system (LMS)?

Where will your learning content come from (developed by staff, incorportate LORN, Toolboxes and pre-purchased courseware)?

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the free resources available from

There are a large number of resources available and you can also get assistance from Framework staff. If you are considering using toolboxes or customsing components of toolboxes or LORN then it would be a good idea to contact the NSW Toolbox Champion

Once you know what you are going to do, make sure you understand your learners, their preferred learning styles, their skills and how you plan to support them on their e-learning journey. For example, what skills do they have, what training they will need, will they require help desk support and how will you make this happen? These are only just some of the questions to start emploring.

My next post will consider appropriate learning strategies. For now I will leave this post where it is but can I encourage you to comment and share your experience with others.


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