Looking for an easy to use portfolio tool

As many of you know I am busy with site visits and information sessions. Even with this busyness there is still time to learn new things and explore new tools.

At a recent project visit I had the pleasure of meeting a project team who are using eportfolios to upskill their local football team.

The project team had explored the use of mahara and mahoodle and decided that it didn’t quite meet the needs of their current learner group.

They investigated several options and came up with http://www.foliospaces.com as the best solution. The eportfolios system is hosted over the Internet. It is easy to set up and gives the owner control over who has access to the data stored in the e-portfolio. It offers social networking capabilities and resume templates.

If you have found alternative solutions for e-portfolios why not share your experiences here? We would love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Looking for an easy to use portfolio tool

  1. Well, then you are still using Mahara as FolioSpaces is essentially a Mahara installation. 😉 It’s just that you do not link Mahara to Moodle to create a “Mahoodle”.

    • Thanks for the comment Kristina and of course you are correct. FolioSpaces is a later version of Mahara than many of my project teams are using. The attraction to FolioSpaces for some of our small training providers is that it is hosted over the Internet on someone else’s server. It is a good alternative to hosting Mahara on their own server and of course for those who do not wish to link it to Moodle “Mahoodle”.

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate you dropping by.

      • I just saw that FolioSpaces have already updated to Mahara 1.3. The stable release is coming out shortly and will be announced on http://www.mahara.org and via microblogging channels. The new features are indeed very useful. It’s great to see the FolioSpaces are testing them live so that any feedback they receive can be brought to the attention of the entire Mahara community.

        Using a non-institutionally bound service allows for collaboration among various different institutions. Here in New Zealand, myportfolio.school.nz and myportfolio.ac.nz are powered by Mahara and allow learners as well as teachers to have their portfolio in a central space making it easy to take it along when they switch schools: they don’t have to export and import anything, but just move their login to a different school in myportfolio.

        Some schools do link it to their Moodle installations though MyPortfolio does not sit on their server. That is definitely a possibility and reduces the amount of passwords one has to remember, but still allowing them to collaborate with others outside their school on MyPortfolio.

        It would be great to read more about your experience of using Mahara on FolioSpaces.

        You can also join the Mahara community at http://www.mahara.org to discuss pedagogical topics, voice your opinion on features, and suggest improvements.

  2. Another Innovations team found that their organisation was not yet ready to support e-portfolios (for various reasons). They continued on their path of e-portfolios by asking their students to set up their own yahoo site and gave instructions to choose an appropriate Project Management style template as it aligned to the units of competence and the nature of the evidence that needed to be collected. This is working quite successfully.

    Visit http://webhosting.yahoo.com/ps/sb/index.php for more information.

    Visit http://techticker.net/2010/08/31/the-eportfolio-debate/ and http://virtualbreath.net/curious/ for more discussion on e-portfolios.

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