What made you decide to put your course online?

E-learning has played an integral role in the delivery of training throughout the VET sector for more than ten years and based on the many and varied discussions I have had in NSW with RTOs and businesses both agree it is here to stay. Need convincing? Why not explore the latest research conducted by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework http://e-learningindicators.flexiblelearning.net.au/survey_results_all.htm to see what employers and learners think.

How far have you gone on your e-learning journey? Do you need some assistance planning your journey? Check out this collection of e-learning resources to help you on your way http://flexiblelearning.moodle.com.au/course/view.php?id=8 (you will need to login as a guest to explore this resource).

What was behind your decision to put your course online?

  • to reduce travel costs for your students
  • to keep up with your competitors
  • to provide greater flexibility and mobility for your learners
  • to convert your traditional classroom resources to online
  • to make the learning experience more engaging
  • improve learner retention and course completions
  • There are many reasons why you take your traditional training and make it available online? In NSW in 2010, 33 innovation projects received funding to embed e-learning into their organisation. Visit http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/content/2010-nsw-e-learning-innovations-project-teams for more information on these projects and to learn about their journey.


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