Thinking differently

I visited one of my 2010 Innovations Projects the other day to see how the students enrolled in a Diploma of Electronics had used e-portfolios.

If you are a TAFE teacher, implementing a suitable platform for e-portfolios can be quite challenging. There are processes to follow, fire-walls to get through, just to name a few.

This Innovation Project considered the challenges they were presented with and decided to use Google sites and the project management template.

The students were required to complete an e-portfolio as part of their assessment. The assessment task was a holistic approach to the assessment of several key units in the diploma.

The task was to demonstrate competence in several project management units as well as developing a rather large complex electronics project. At the end of the course (in the form of a gala night the students were asked to demonstrate both their e-portfolio and project) I was amazed at how proficient and easy to listen to these young aviation employees were. During the night we were treated to an assortment of different electronic projects. For example some students built transmitter and receivers, vending machines (yes you could actually buy a can of coke for one dollar) and amplifiers.

Integrated into their presentation was an overview of how they setup their e-portfolio, captured evidence, managed their project, sourced components and moved on from lessons learned. This is a fantastic example of how you can incorporate e-portfolios into your training and assessment. It was evident on the night that this group of students loved the experience and were very proud of their achievements…. I have to say, I was too!


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