Release of the 2010 Horizon Report

Now that I have a few spares minutes I am taking the time to read the latest release of the 2010 Horizon Report

This report identifies emerging technologies considered likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning within the next five years. It is an annual report so if you haven’t read it before make sure you bookmark and revisit it in 2011 too.

The report lists the key drivers of educational technology for the period 2010 through 2014:

  • availability and use of e-books – consumers value the ability to purchase content formatted for
    devices of their choice
  • The availability of educational resources for mobile devices is increasing as more providers begin to develop for these platforms
  • It is now more accepted that today’s classroom includes people, access to information, and experiences that do not always take place in a traditional classroom but having said this training providers are not always fully committed to supporting the tools that makes this happen
  • Social networking tools, mobile devices, virtual worlds, and other emerging technologies that facilitate collaboration, communication, and learning are a vital part of the learning environment and must be as readily
    available as books, desks, and whiteboards.Okay now you are right thinking …. I know all this ….. read on, the report considers some of the critical challenges these key trends pose

    I am sure you will agree … the horizon report rightly identifies that there is still strong need for capability building in training environments. Any organisation faces the challenge whenever they are presented with a new technology to determine what the technologies benefits will be as part of their research into whether the organisation should adopt the new technology. If they decide to adopt the new technology consideration must be given to the professional development of the users who will engage with the new technology.

    I also agree that there is often a conceptual mismatch in the use and design of a technology and current teaching practice. It is also important to understand the use of a new technology and the benefits to teachers and learners, in particular the expected benefits for learning.

    On the near-term horizon — we see electronic books (with enhanced capabilities such as note taking) and further use of mobiles (ubiquitous access, providing information and tools for learning).

    Augmented reality also gets a mention for more information about this technology visit

    On the far horizon we will see gesture based computing and visual data analysis in our classrooms.

    Visit the Horizon report to see if you agree with their findings Please feel free to post your comments here.


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