A new term IPOD

Came across this old post in my drafts and because it is the weekend and time for a little fun I thought I would post it in its raw state.

When I created this post earlier this year I had just come across a link to an article on what I thought was about IPODs…. 🙂

The acronym IPOD in this scenario stands for Innovation-inspired positive organization development. I really like the sound of that. As ‘innovation is about change’ and my role is to work with training organisations and workplaces to develop and implement e-learning strategy this acronym has really attracted my attention.

Under the banner of ‘organisational development’ innovation should be partnered with intervention as this will facilitate desired changes in the organisation and ensure that the innovation is sustainable.

So just for fun…. what does innovation look like (IBM Innovation Man)?

or is it like this (an alternative use of the rubrics cube – innovation that matters)?

maybe its more like this (do you have your own IBM island?)?

Google’s 9 notions of innovation


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