For the love of Moodle … well, the database module

I have been writing a guide for my peers with some easy tips and step by step instructions to help them create their first course in Moodle. Normally I love doing this sort of thing but I can’t quite say that today :-(.

In the past I haven’t really paid much attention to the Database module in Moodle but for some reason I thought it would be good to include…. yes my first mistake 🙂

Even though Moodle has a useful Glossary module I decided that I would provide step by step instructions for creating a Moodle database to save a glossary term and definition (I know you are probably thinking why? ….. but in my defence it seemed like an easy activity for a teacher new to Moodle to create).

The set up of the database and fields worked really well but I came unstuck when I tried to view the entries that I had added to my database (I swapped roles to see what a student would see and of course didn’t like what I saw). Luckily I quickly realised that the view I could see on my screen was coming from the default templates for list template, single template, advanced template and add template. Each of these templates needed to be modified to display the information appropriately.

I found the easiest way was to go in and delete the entries in each template, add in my own table (eg: 2 rows, 2 columns for field name and the field entry), type in the field names manually and then click on the available tags section for the appropriate field.

When I changed views again, luckily it worked but this was such a time consuming exercise. Am I the only one that has had this experience with Database? Do you have some hints and tips for using this module that others might benefit from?


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