A good example of using Moodle Metacourses

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting the Riverina E-learning Innovations team (Mobile Networking). This innovative teaching section has commenced a systematic approach to ensuring their courses are available to students both from within the classroom environment as well as from home, work etc using technologies available to the student.

Once the meeting commenced my colleague and I were treated to a demonstration of how the courses fit together using Moodle’s metacourse and child course function. This handy feature enables the teaching section to create a master course that contains all of the relevant course units available electronically. The child course is set up to contain only the required units for that particular course. This provides the facility for the student to be enrolled in only the required units, the unit not required are therefore not available to the student.

When the student is enrolled in their course they are not enrolled in the metacourse (think of it as a master copy of the course) but instead are enrolled in the child course that has been linked to the units in the metacourse.

Linkages between child courses and meta courses are made via the administration block in the meta course.

Over the next few months the Mobile Networking team will populate their online case study please remember to refer back to their Framework group on a regular basis for information about the e-learning innovation team and their progress.


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