SharePoint can help you get information out about your workforce capability strategy

My task at the moment is to create an information portal for a large volume of workforce capbility and development activities that are relevant to a large city public VET provider.

How exciting, but yet how daunting! I prepared a draft proposal ready for our meeting. As the presentation went on the goal posts changed, a new product was soon to be trialled and we quickly moved from the known to the unknown.

After much discussion te team decided to move to SharePoint 2010. SharePoint is a platform that offers to create websites with ease. It provides superior content management and search facilities. With enthusiasm the team embraced the opportunity and explored the pssibilites.

Just in case some among us were confused….. I have found an amazing overview YouTube.

Even if you are not on my team and you have just stumbled on my blog you might be wondering what SharePoint is about. Just in case I will embed it for you too.


I can’t wait to see the final product 🙂


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