Welcome to my new CIV in Training and Assessment (TAE) Group

Well I am back in old job…. Head Teacher at TAFE.  The most exciting thing about this job is my students, this is why Head Teacher’s do what they do…. and work the crazy hours they work.

Not surprisingly for those of you who know me… my favourite thing to teach is the CIV TAE so my next few posts will be relevant to teachers and my students in the CIV TAE.  This group of students are about to not only embark on a training and assessment journey but they will also experience social media tools such as twitter (@Gail_VET_Tchr @CIVTAE) and facebook (this group is closed to the public at the moment and open only to my students).  So far we have gone through a face to face orientation and the students have gone away to work on their first online unit….. how exciting.

The CIV TAE generates a lot of evidence so the best way to store this information is to use an e-portfolio.  The group will be using foliospaces.  During the next week each student will be set up with their own e-portfolio.  They will experiment with views, timelines, plans, blogs etc.  There are so many ways you can use this platform.  I use e-portfolios for my uni research.  I have a separate e-portfolio to document the different roles I work in.  This includes a sample of work tasks that I will eventually use for ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ or for that amazing job interview…. you know the one that attracts the big $$$$$.

We will use twitter to push out information, mostly on useful links we find so that the students can share these with each other.  Facebook will be used for own private little community.  Facebook will offer the students the opportunity to meet with each other, chat online, share resources and just have a little fun.

Classes will be held in a virtual classroom using Adobe Connect.  Learning materials will be made available to the students via Moodle.  At the moment two weeks of lessons have been made available.  Moodle is so simple to use.  You can develop your course as you are teaching.  I have 15 weeks to deliver this program so I have set my Moodle up in week format.  I have hidden all of the weeks that I am currently working on so when the students login they only see weeks one and two.  To avoid the scroll of death all links to content appears in topic one and the option has been set to display only topic one.

Several face to face workshops have built into the program and assessment can occur in the classroom or in the individual’s workplace….. no wonder I love this course.  To me this sounds very exciting.  I hope it does to you to.

Well that’s enough from me for one day.  I will blog again next week to expand on our first time experience in the virtual classroom.


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