Adobe Connect sessions

The TAE group is underway.  They are now navigating their way through Moodle and they have also commenced their first session plan activities.  To date we have held two sessions in the Adobe room.  I am amazed at how well received this has been.

Each student participated in a compulsory orientation session.  In this session they were introduced to Adobe Connect and the plug-ins that need to be installed for the first time user.  As TAFE has recently upgraded to the latest version of Connect we were able to simulate the experience in the classroom so that the learners could experience the process first hand and could recognise the messages that would come up on the screen on their computers at home.

I also sent each participant an instruction sheet outlining the process and how and why (this is very important if you want them to remember) they need to set up their audio connection each time.  This worked like a charm for our non-MAC users.

Where we did experience problems is of course with the MAC user.  This latest version of Connect does not seem to like MAC users and even though they downloaded the required plug-ins for the MAC environment it would not work.  Fortunately my learners were able to change to a PC partition and run Connect there.  Does anyone have experience using the latest version of Connect and a MAC? If so, I would love it if you post your comments so I can share your knowledge with my learners.

In the first session I established some important housekeeping rules such as:

  • using the status icons to indicate agreement, non-agreement and when they have stepped in and out of the room
  • chat ettiquette
  • microphone ettiquette (I have a rule that you must keep it on mute throughout the session and only when you are interacting in the session should it be turned back on)
  • informing the participants the session will be recorded and the activities that can and cannot happen during the recording

Each session has been recorded and the link has been made available to my learners immediately after the session.  Each session has been structured to introduce key concepts, encourage discussion and to encourage the participants to explore some of the features of connect.

This too has been well received.  The participants felt that the recorded sessions are invaluable as they can play them back as many times as they need and they can fast forward through the content they don’t need.

So far all is going well in TAE land 🙂


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