Ok back to the TAE group and their experiences with social media

This group has really embraced the blended learning environment.  I am really impressed with their use of Moodle, the discussion forums (even though I am not a real fan for discussion forums unless they have a clear purpose – some of their forum posts are linked to their assessments, so maybe that is why they have worked so well).  They also seem to really enjoy the Adobe connect sessions.  For the life of me, I can’t fathom why anyone would want to listen to me over and over again, but they seem to like the option of recording each session and being able to listen to it again later.

Half the group has embraced facebook but surprisingly twitter remains a mystery to them.  Even with a bit of a tutorial and the use of the # tag #TAEMV there hasn’t been much interaction. The students will read my tweets if they access twitter but if they want to know more will email me with their comment or question.

Twitter is definately not working as I had intended it to.  I am going to find some youtube tutorials and put them up in facebook to see if this helps. 


Maybe the key is to link twitter to actual assessment events or compulsory tasks.  In my previous post I mentioned the importance of your learners seeing the value in the tools you use.  This group have failed to see the value.  I am sure there are many educators out there who have had similar experiences.  If you have tips to help them through this challenging time, why not spend a moment to reply to this post.  I will tweet a link to your reply on twitter.  If you have an educational blog, make sure you include a link in your reply.


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