Make your own newspaper from your twitter or facebook feeds and lists

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with the volume of tweets per minute on twitter.  The more people you follow the more information comes your way.  Now I am not complaining.  I love twitter but I wanted to find an easy way to manage the information flow so that I could get a better overview of posts and news that interest me.

A newspaper is a great way to communicate information and the web offers a whole host of resources that allow you to create your own newspaper. You are probably gasping right now thinking who has time for that.  Like you, I don’t have time for this either.  So that rules out creating my own newpaper manually.

But, what if you could create your own newspaper electronically by allowing your tool of choice to subscribe to your twitter and/or facebook feeds?  Would that be more appealing?  For me, the answer is a definite yes.

I started searching the web to see my choices and found  Joining was easy all I needed to do was click the option to login via twitter and allow the site to create my newspaper based on the people I follow on twitter.  The site scans the posts and creates a newspaper based on the type of people I am following or the lists I subscribe to.  Check out my first edition for an example of how it works

My first version still had a large volume of information in it and I wanted limit it just a little.  There is a section at the top right corner of the page that allows you to access your paper settings.  You can change the name of your paper, add content like keywords and select the content you would like in your paper.  I have chosen things like technology, education, business, society and environment because these are things I am interested in.

The newspaper can be tweeted out to your follows for others to read too, but the value for me is a quick snapshot of tweets that are relevant to my content areas of interest. 

The other point of interest for me is that I now can capture this information quickly and easily and improve my informal learning opportunities in only a few minutes.  I would love to commence a discussion on this blog on how you see the value of online newspapers like, the impact on your own personal learning and if you think this might have any value for improving the workforce capability of an organisation.


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