Prezi – 2 years on

The other day I bumped into a colleague who said they were in a presentation I had done on Prezi at the 2009 e-learning conference in Sydney. For a moment I felt quite embarrassed and thought omg I had forgotten about that presentation….. but I haven’t really forgotten about Prezi.

Anyway the conversation continued and I found out that this person was still using Prezi in her classroom and that her students also used it too and they loved it. 

I remember the hype around Prezi in the early days….. there were those who thought prezi would conquer the presentation world and stamp out PowerPoint altogether.  I am pleased to say that in my world this hasn’t happened.  Instead I use both PowerPoint and Prezi for learning in a number of ways.

Firstly I use Prezi as a presentation that can be embedded into html pages such as websites, wikis and Moodles.

Click here to see a sample Prezi.

I use Prezi whenever I want a presentation to be available online.  This is a really nice feature.  My presentations can be hosted online and all I need is the url or to login to prezi and I am off and running no more carrying out multiple USB drives.

Prezi is great for distance learning (I am drawing on a distinction here where learning is print based and resources are not necessarily available online).  You can use it to send the students off to a link, but you can also use it as a collaborative tool.  The author can invite learners to edit presentations together, your learners can even watch the presenation together at the same time even though they are in different locations.

Prezi can be a little difficult to conquer when you first start using it but the site has some excellent online tutorials and if you watch them you will soon be on your way. 

One tip though is to familiarise yourself with the editing tools.  Beginner often forget how to edit content. Remember, if your text is too small click on the text and then click on the plus sign, if it is too large click on the minus sign.  If you want to delete something altogether, click on the text or image and then click on the hand symbol, then click delete on your keyboard and that piece of content should disappear.  The other tip that might make your life easier is to select jpg images when uploading pics from your computer.  Prezi doesn’t seem to recognise BMP images.

So have I stopped using PowerPoint altogether….. definately not.

I regularly use PowerPoint presentations as a tool for learning.  My PowerPoints are normally all encompassing, in other words written up in a way that tells the story, with embedded media (prezi can do this too btw) and audio.  I often save them as a PDF files for easy distribution.  I also create PowerPoints with funky graphics etc to accompany Adobe Connect sessions that I plan to record.  I don’t think I will ever say goodbye to PowerPoint.

If you have some tips for using Prezi or PowerPoint I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to make comments relevant to this topic in the comment section below this post.


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