Learning transfer

Learning transfer involves an exploration on how we can take learning opportunities such as training and attendances at seminars, conferences etc and assist people to convert this learning into skills and attitudes that can ehance performance and productivity in the workplace.  It is widely reported in the literature that learning opportunities do not go far enough, we must as educators provide the participants with a range a strategies that assist the transfer of learning to the workplace and enable this learning to be applied in a range of contexts.

Learning transfer case studies online have also been a useful source of information.

 Positive and Negative learning transfer examples

Transfer of training is based on an assumption that we use training to improve job performance of those who are being trained.  The transfer of learning into job performance is what is known as the transfer of training. Transfer of training statistically suggests that much of the $$$ spent on training is wasted.

 More information can be found at the transfer of training channel http://www.youtube.com/user/edholton2?feature=results_main


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