Addicted to the web… think I am but what platform is best… checking out tumblr as we speak

Okay, so there is a multitude of great publishing products out there…. absolutely free… but which one do I use… is this a common thought for you… sometimes it is for me?  I have used wordpress for a few years now, but as you can see I am not as regular as I should be and I don’t have many subscribers (thank you so much to those who have subscribed, you have no idea how much I appreciate you). It struck me today while I was driving five hours alone in my car that blogging takes dedication and it really does have to be about something topical for that particular moment. I am not sure what is topical for you, but something that is topical for me is… what is the difference between wordpress and tumblr?…. If you are gasping…. sorry, this is because I am something of an internet/e-learning freak… I love technology in education. So if you decide to stop reading that’s okay, this is not topical for you.. but if it is, I am going to explore the differences between tumblr and wordpress… from my experience anyway 🙂

To start with I have considered the purpose I would use each for… a) wordpress – used to post random posts about e-learning and various technologies b) tumblr will take a different direction – I will post snippets of my research… and yes, you guessed it… the impact of technology on student learning, vocational education and staff learning.

So what is WordPress… in my experience an amazing site that allows me to express my thoughts, link in pics, videos, find followers and post topical information.  I find it incredibly easy to use and truly it hasn’t presented me with any issues at all. Signing up was simple and very soon I was off and away… just me and my thoughts.

Tumblr on the othe hand seems to be part blogger and social networking. It has some features like facebook that allows users to like my post, but having said that so does WordPress.. so nothing new here.  I can also share my posts with other sites like facebook on either platform.  I found the tumblr sign in a little problematic (but I don’t think that was tumblrs fault, I was supposed to be able to log in straight away but I think my work email blocked the authorisation email) thankfully I did manage to sort it out fairly quickly (always handy to have alternative emails).

Once in, I need to decide on the type of site it would be… personal blog, an e-portfolio, a product site, company website – WordPress offers the same… I chose a personal blog to share key findings in my uni research.

Next step  was to apply a theme and confirm some account settings. Finally I am ready to post my first post… this is quite cool… did you know you can queue your posts… certainly something I will be utilising, in the future.

There are quite a few different post types: text, photos, embedded videos, audio posts quotes, links, chat posts, they are really quite cool really.

I thought I would search for colleagues to see if they too were on tumblr… sadly no 😦 I seem to be here alone… if you are here let me know, so I don’t get lonely.

Similar to WordPress there are paid and free themes… of course for the moment I have chosen free.

Both platforms have a strong community, you can follow blogs (or you might call them sites), like posts, reblog posts (and I don’t just mean your own)… a really cool feature is to ‘Ask me anything’, this provides a fantastic way to interact with your readers.

Like I said earlier you connect to other sites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn… just like wordpress.

Comments seem a little tricky and one I haven’t mastered yet.  Comments are different to Asks.  Asks are questions, comments are normally comments about a post you have made, two very different things.  I think both comments and asks could cause some grief… they open you up to unwanted negative, comments like spam or even intentional harrassment.  I think it might be for this reason that Tumblr doesn’t give you the option for comments but instead allows you to link in with a third party provider such as Disqus, Echo, Facebook comments .. but of course there are more and you should do your own research.

Like facebook you can have pages in tumblr – this might be handy if I choose to use tumblr to distribute my research to the wider community… stil thinking about this though.

Tumblr also has apps, but this will need to be considered in future posts… it is early days yet for me. For now, I am happy with both sites and will continue to explore their features, if I find anything useful… you will hear about it.  Please feel free to post a comment here (yes a real plus for WordPress) for our readers and maybe even for me to think about and possibly research.


2 thoughts on “Addicted to the web… think I am but what platform is best… checking out tumblr as we speak

  1. Tumblr does seem to be what younger people are using more and more. I don’t even pretend to understand it, my niece has a few accounts depending on what she is doing. She is really active online and I have noticed is using Facebook less and less (I wondered how long this would take for her age group). I’m sure tumblr is a precursor to something (remember myspace/facebook) but I’m not sure what that is at the moment. I think at the moment tumblr is the way to go as opposed to blogs though…

  2. Thanks for the comment, really good food for thought. I have also been reading the facebook effect… fb was originally developed for university students and look what happened :-), can’t wait to see what happens with tumblr. Personaly I think it is quite fresh .. your comment about young people rings very true too, obviously I am not that young… maybe that’s why I didn’t find too many of my colleagues :-), thanks for reading and posting.

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