MOOC – would you enrol?

Massive Open Online Course

Latey I have been asked lots of questions about using or participating in a MOOC.

When these discussions start it seems quite clear that there is confusion about what a MOOC actually is.  So to help clear up the confusion I have found a neat little youtube that in ony a few short minutes gets the message across.

Participation in a MOOC is free, normally there are no costs to do the course.  This raises some very good questions.  For example:

  • Once I finish my course will it be recognised by others?
  • What do I want to gain from participating in the MOOC?  If it is a qualification, then I might have to find a training provider and pay them to convert my training into a qualification. If it is just learning to increase knowledge and skills then enrolling in the MOOC seems like a good option.
  • How qualified are the facilitators of the MOOC?
  • Where can I locate a MOOC?

Like normal courses MOOCs usually have a start and finish time.

Check out the following sites to see if there is a MOOC for you:





2 thoughts on “MOOC – would you enrol?

  1. I participated in MOOCMOOC and Dr Curtis Bonk MOOC. cMOOCs are excellent experiences for adult motivated learners. I learnt a lot from both but it was the social interaction and social tools such as facebook, storify, twitter that made all the difference. I doubt an xMOOC would be as interesting or beneficial… I will take one soon though and believe the future is heutagogy or peeragogy as it is called. The independent lifelong learner is the future…

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your experiences Andrew. I am doing my masters in Education by Research and exploring some of these areas and how they assist (or not) learners to learn so I really appreciate you sharing your experiences. I am also an educator and very interested in trialling self-organised learning (peeragogy) methodologies with my own students. If anyone out there is currently doing these, please free to share your experiences. I found this cool little wiki that I think really sets the scene

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