QR codes

It has been just over a month since my last post and life has been incredibly busy. This is mostly because the NSW Strategy team has been busy inducting the latest round of grant recipients in the E-Learning for Participation and Skills program. If you would like to know more about the successful projects please visit their project page on a regular basis. Each month they will update their page with the latest news relating to their projects.

Anyway this post is about the use of Qr codes so if you need to get a better understanding of how QR codes can be used, watch this brief youtube tutorial.

Creating QR codes are not as difficult as you might think there are a number of websites available to create them for you…. yes some are free and others are not.

The one I chose to use is http://qrcode.kaywa.com/. This platform offers to separate plans. A free version and a paid version. At the moment the free version should suffice.

QR codes are really useful for directing your learners or site visitors to documents and online resources. Today my QR codes are going to direct my site visitors to various websites. The really cool thing this website does it to also provide you with embed code so you also embed the QR code on a webpage. I was also able to point to the QR code and right click the mouse to save a copy to my hard drive.

To see an example of how I have used QR codes please visit the NSW Innovations Wikispace.

Now the codes I have created are simple to look at but they can be jazzed to include colour and the fun thing is you can even turn a photo into a QR code. Maybe I will have a go soon in my spare time.


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