Just took a personal DNA test online

Well the end of the year quickly crept up on me and it is now the end of the holiday period for me. Hopefully I can pick up my blogging again in 2013 and make it count.

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I start to think and plan and yes dare I say it …. plan that new year resolution. Things have changed so much in 2012 and I feel I have changed a bit too, so I decided to start with an online personality test to see how much I have changed.

Surprisingly…. I am still the same, fancy that. This is my online DNA…. quite cool really.

So why is it important to start the year with a renewed understanding of our individual personality? I think it helps because your personality type helps you identify your own behaviours and attitudes. Knowing this gives you the means to understand your actions and where necessary balance or avoid those actions. It can also help you to highlight your strengths and weaknesses and if we are going to make a new year’s resolution provide you with some areas that you might want to work on.

So in terms of a pesonal resolution I will work on how and what I commit to – this should be easy! Next I will let myself dream a little…. now that won’t be easy as you might think….. time wasting is not really in my DNA 🙂 but I will give it a try.

Understanding yourself, helps you to better understand others and their behaviours and actions. As an educator this is important. Understanding the personality of our learners and how they might respond to learning activities, group work, role plays etc is crucial to their learning success and your success as a teacher/ facilitator of learning…. so maybe I should work on this too. What will you work on in 2013?


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