A quirky love story or a social media send up – you be the judge?

Just watched this quirky film as part of #EDCMOOC. It starts off slow but hang in there it gets better and the message will soon become clear. Our question ‘ is this a utopian account, or a dystopian one?’.

Remember the definition according to #EDCMOOC is “utopian (creating highly desirable social, educational, or cultural effects) or dystopian (creating extremely negative effects for society, education or culture)”.

The question is not so easily answered. Technology enables us to collaborate and communicate globally for little cost, online, real time so that to me is utopia. The dystopia aspect could be how easily we become dependent on technology so much so that we find it difficult to function if the technology is faulty or unavailable. We can feel disappointed, upset or even a little overwhelmed.

The good news is… this is a love story, so watch what happens…. will it work out in the end?

It is obvious in this short film this was a new way of communicating for them both. There seemed to be excitement and distrust all at the same time. It seemed they had no experiences to fall back on, they didn’t understand how this new way of communicating with each other actually worked. They learned through trial an error.

Failing to understand the advantages and limitations of a technology can also be a kind of dystopia in itself. Without this understanding its benefits or dangers are not clear and we can easily stumble along paths we don’t chose to go down. What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “A quirky love story or a social media send up – you be the judge?

  1. I think, too, that this little film is commenting on the conflation of social media and consumer culture. The couple meets because of shopping–purchases of unnecessary “commodities” driven by some unfulfilled need: A mass manufactured stuffed toy and a pair of hypersexualized men’s underwear. Perhaps this is a dystopian moment hidden in modern cinema’s utopian vision of happy endings?

  2. This is a love story through social media. It has a happy ending but “love” through social media does not always have a happy ending. Saw an old episode of Dr Phil the other day where he was talking to parents and kids/adolescents who had had all kinds of problems because of their excessive use of text messaging and too much time spent on the internet. In those cases the kids were engulfed in text messages and emails. More than 5000 messages a month! I am afraid what human contact is turning into. Love affairs, proposals and break-ups via text or facebook! The curiosity which the couple in the film showed when trying sth new was nicely done.

    • Agreed Stefan communication has changed and is continuing to evolve. Love through social media does not always have a happy ending. Until recently I couldn’t give one example of a sustainable relationship but I recently met a beautiful couple on their honeymoon who met online six years ago. I’d like to think they will have the happy ending :-).

  3. I hope they have that happy ending, too, Gail! And Stefan, your point about the adolescents: I see young students (often white, male, between the ages of 18 and 28 who have a hard time working in groups, making eye contact in the classroom. I can’t help but think that their screen time/text time leaves little time for the kinds of human contact that used to be the norm.

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