Well the day has finally arrived

It is day one of EDCMOOC and there is so much to see and do. With more than 260,000 participants it is hard to comprehend how such a large course could function. To my surprise it has been very well organised and there is so much happening. Some of the activities have included:

And all of this so far has been just for fun. Now the day has arrived the real work begins.

Like any other course I have completed there is an assignment – yes you guessed I have to actually do something. Not sure how this will look but my assignment will be to create a digital artefact (more about that later).

Next I look at the content for this week. Two new terms Digital Utopias and Digital Dystopias to embrace.

The MOOC is run from Coursera and according to the instructions my first real task involves” reading, viewing, discussing and representing how digital culture and digital education are often described as either utopian (creating highly desirable social, educational, or cultural effects) or dystopian (creating extremely negative effects for society, education or culture)” so I better get to work. Let you know how I go 😉


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