Week four of #EDCMOOC

Well here I am at week four of #EDCMOOC. We have been taken on a futurist journey of posthumanism and transhumanism. To say this is not what I expected is a bit of an understatement (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). I think I was expecting something about Communities of Practice, understanding digital tribes, digital behaviours.

I find the course a mix of academia and sci-fi. Unfortunately sci-fi is not my thing and even though many seem to enjoyed movies about emotive robots I can’t say I really have but Ihave enjoyed the experience.

We all learn in different ways. I enjoy practical application and learning that involves some sort of transfer or application to the workplace. It is too early to say but what I am taking away is a reflection on utopian and dystopian educational environments as a result of emerging technology.

Recent posts in facebook have described MOOCs as advertising or an introduction aimed at enticing you into a Degree or Master’s program. MOOCs need to make money somehow and there is a lot of discussion at the moment on how a MOOC can benefit the higher-ed sector. I think for now it will be a case of watch this space all will unravel soon.

My final task for #EDCMOOC is the creation of an artefact. This has been a challenge in itself. I originally created an artefact using two apps in Facebook, Quick Lessons and Izzui. I have used these applications in the past and published to scorm for public viewing. This time when I finished my first draft I found I could only publish to facebook Izzui and to view you would need to be logged in to facebook…. EPIC FAIL. Anyway if you have Izzui you are welcome to view it at http://apps.facebook.com/izzuiapp/Course/Details/160064 but please remember it was my first draft.

I have now run out of time and as such have created something a little similar using slideshare. Definately not futuristic and more of a recap of one aspect of #EDCMOOC and certainly not what I would have liked to produce. It includes some discussion on metaphors, a youtube by Charlie Chaplin with a message for humanity (why you might say) and another that describes the web as a city. The conclusion includes a short animated cartoon that I created to discuss briefly the affects of post humananism and teachers.

So here goes …. the link to my artefact http://www.slideshare.net/gailvettchr/metaphors-for-learning-16644510. I am now moving on to a second MOOC through canvas.net. I will let you know how I go.


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