Converting your blog to an e-pub

My next few posts will explore what is involved in converting a blog to an an e-pub or e-book.

Why would you want to do that you might ask? …… well for one, wouldn’t it be cool to download your blog as an epub and read in apps like ibook on your ipad.

Step one: Let’s try E-Book glue

Using your phone or ipad go to enter the URL for you blog and select the option download as an epub. It will ask you which app to use to open it so I have picked ibooks and to my surprise there it was in less than a minute on my bookshelf.

The issues

The blog converted nicely but the main issue I can see so far is that it didn’t bring across my images or embedded videos.

Back to the drawing board to try out some other platforms suggested by my colleagues.

If you are a bit of a techno you you might like to try out ebookjuggler

I will leave that one to last and look for something a little more simple.

Have you done this? Please share your experiences and favourite platforms – especially those that will bring over images and videos with little or no programming. I would love to hear from you.


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