Every wondered where technology will take you?

Honestly, technology is the most dazzling thing. I just read an article from Mashable about an app developed for the iPad that allows you to take an image of your face and then try on virtual glasses to see how they will look on your face.  How awesome is that!!!

One of the reasons I haven’t fully embraced shopping online is because … well I am a bit vain, there are just some things you need to try on.  The mobile app world and virtual technologies seem to get this and now it seems we can try things on. How cool!

Years ago there was a department store in the UK that allowed you to pick a model and put in your body measurements and your model would then try your outfits on…. so the technology has there for a while but it is somewhat lacking……  I want to see how the outfit will look with me in it rather than a virtual model (haha I did say I was vain but I bet you too would prefer to buy an outfit with the confidence it will fit and look the way you hope).

Anyone know of a cool app that allows the purchaser to try outfits on virtually? I would love to hear about it.

Back in the days when I used to teach Internet technology to new computer users they loved playing with a virtual model, how much more would they love the experience using their smartphones and iPads 🙂


One thought on “Every wondered where technology will take you?

  1. Gail I so like this idea as I can never find a pair of glasses that I like on me. Looking in the mirror is not the same. This could even convince me to shop online for things other than technology, DVDs and books.

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