The tools are cool but it is all in the planning

All too often I go out to visit a site interested in creating e-learning courses and the focus starts with tools. Now of course, this is the fun part and if you want to get people on board this is one way to get them interested. It can also be overwhelming and be a reason they may not jump on board and embrace your ideas.

Good e-learning starts with a solid plan. This will ensure you have a sustainable approach that considers your organisation’s requirements, your teachers/facilitator’s requirements and very importantly your learners.

I recommend you take a project management approach to planning your e-design. To make this easier for you visit my Moodle e-book and login as a guest.

The e-book includes four different topics but the one I recommend you start with is Designing an e-learning strategy for your organisation.

There are a whole host of resources for you to look at but I really recommend you download the project management template and worksheets. Now don’t get confused this is not an e-learning strategy but it will help you and your team to work through some important questions and document what you learn along the way.

Completing the appendix worksheets will help you to identify your gaps and the areas you might need to explore further.

Anyway I hope they are useful.


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